Basement protection

Do you need a quality driveway, quickly installed for your event? The All Road product offers surface quality protection, which can support people, vehicles and even trucks.

In one hour, with the help of All Round plates, an area of 60 sq. meters can be covered. In addition, any of the six 30 cm long edges of the plates can be combined perfectly with the next plate’s edge. This is a 3+3 patented coupling system. In addition, this ground protection system features a very low weight and simple maintenance, allowing to be stored without problems.

The material is 100% recyclable and has an anti-slip protection applied on the surface. Solid material can be loaded with loads up to ten tons, even if a plate is only 5 cm thick and weighs approximately 860 g! If it rains, the holes in the plates and butt straps ensure water drainage.

We provide you further assistance with our specialized knowledge.

If you want to use the ground protection system on turf or on a soft support of other type, you must first make sure the plates are not sinking into the unprotected ground. For this, we recommend a geo-textile layer, which is applied to the surface to be protected before the All Road plates.


Turf protection system is extremely economical and is made of polypropylene, a plastic material resistant to UV radiation. This system is suitable for walkways, areas where restaurants are set, as floor coverings in tents or to cover turf on stadiums.

Turf protection is provided by an unique system of ventilation and drainage.
Turf protection system hinges combine with each other, according to a patented principle! This results in a stable and solid floor, without closing channels, that can be easily adapted to fit and thus can be installed depending on the particularities of each area.

The surface is durable and has anti-slip protection.

Floor tiles are delivered in special transport boxes.

Roll size = 9.0 x 1.20 m

Capacity of each package for transport: 26 rolls / 2,500 m² per truck


Strong aluminum plates are ideal for basic structure construction for stages or for access roads and can safely bear mobile cranes, trucks, cars and other vehicles. For specific adjustment, curved elements may be used. Tile laying is done with a crane truck.

Plate size = 7.5 m²

Load capacity per truck = 80 plates


Plastic strips are made from HDPE high density polyethylene and are ideal for

turf protection, because the settlement area of this type of ground protection is kept to a minimum, thanks to the particular plate fin system.

The public area can be crossed safely by car or other vehicles.

Plastic tapes laying is done fast and is greatly simplified by the special roll system.

This operation is performed using fork lift trucks.

Strip size = 31 m²

Load capacity per truck = 1,400 m²


ABS plastic plates are suitable as walking surface for public or as floor for tents and provide good load distribution. The protection system can be also applied on other areas of support. Lightweight boards can be simply laid, without the need for tools. The area is fitted with anti-slip protection and the system can be provided with side ramps.

Plate sizes = 33 x 16.5 x 1.8 cm

Weight = 197 g

18 plates cover an area of 1 m²

Composite plates

Composite plates are made from recycled material and are fitted with anti-slip surface.

The plates bear without problems the weight of trucks, cars, lift trucks and other vehicles and are suitable for use on uneven land.

With its unique hexagonal shape, there are various laying possibilities and options; thus, tiles can be laid in a variety of ways, around obstacles. Manual laying requires a fork lift.

3.7 plates cover an area of 1 m²

Load capacity per truck = 1,000 m²