Events appear to be all the more professional as soon as eligible expert staff cares about you and your guests. We can draw to trustworthy, trained and educated staff. You and your guests will benefit from it.

Our personal service will help you to create an event that fits to your ideas and wishes and to assemble a team that is suitable for this.

Our hostesses would be delighted to welcome your guests.

The setup-personal willingly helps you to arrange everything as planned.

Even your wardrobe is provided. Our wardrobe ladies know how to care masterfully for you guests and the safe storage of their bags and jeckets.

The A&R service personal puts the finishing touches on weddings, fairs and other events you may have in mind. Our kindness will thrill you and our decent appearance will convince you. We can even draw to trained and educated security personal.

There is no reason not to get acquainted about our personal service!